American interview

3 05 2011

Here is an interview with Marcus Massner about about the challenges facing the industry and what paywalls will do.

Europe keeping an eye on us

3 05 2011

The Murdoch led paywall move is begining to attract more interest.

Times V Guardian

3 05 2011

I’ve payed my subscription for The Times and am now looking at their coverage of the killing of Bin Laden and comparing it to The Guardian.

The Times has gone for a live blog approach, updating events in real time. They include every aspect of the story, Pakistan’s refusal that they had any knowledge, children searching the compound and further statements from the Americans.

The Guardian has written individual, traditional type journalistic pieces.

There are some great graphics on The Times site, I can’t link to them and I don’t want to copy and paste in case I get sued but I can tell where they’ve put a lot of effort in. Above the main story there are four buttons. Article, video, pictures and graphics.

The Times is easier to navigate than the Guardian. The Guardian tend to riddle their text with links which can be disracting.

Moving over to sport and again The Times looks better and is easier to navigate. The page layout is very similar to a print page. There are headlines and columns as you would expect. The Guardian is nearly the same but not as much space given over to the main articles.

The Times doesn’t feel like an overload of information and is not as colourful as The Guardian. This is a good thing as the colourful Guardian will give me a slight head-ache. I think for £2 a week Times is value for money.

Good ‘New York’ Times

27 04 2011

The creators of the NYT paywall are very happy with its performance. Though we have The Times to keep an eye on over here this is the one that the international market is most interested in.


5 04 2011

As if paywalls weren’t controversial enough, now we must worry about how to spell the word(s).

Times are looking up

5 04 2011

A sight for poor eyes

Good news for Murdoch’s grand plan. Is the huge paywall gamble begining to pay off?

The Guardian reports a rise of over 50% from Novenber.

Here’s an article pointing ot how we, the public, may not have to foot the bill. Leave it to the advertisers.

Paywalls, what will be there impact?

28 03 2011

We are constantly being told about the future of journalism being uncertain. Advertisers are moving online and newspapers are finding it incredibly difficult to make money out of the online world. The Times and The Sunday Times have gone behind one and there are conflicting reports on how successful this has been.

The Telegraph has unveiled plans to go behind one and there is a school of thought that tablets such as the iPad have led to people being more willing to pay.

The NYT is following suit, this is the most relevant because it is the most popular online paper. This happened today but they don’t intend a complete shut out like The Times did.