18 04 2010

And agree with him they did. In fact they did little else. Like two people trying to attract a confused dog. “Nick, Nick if it’s a hung parliament come to us, we’ll do that.”

Yes last Thursday what was meant to be a showdown between two party leaders with someone else there turned into the Nick Clegg show. Brown wanted to be his mate Call me Dave cosied up to him and the next morning the Great British public wanted to adopt him. In previous posts (All To Vote For) I may have compared Mr. Clegg to a glass of water or such like but had the election being held on Friday he would have got my vote.

As Posh Banter has already pointed out he had nothing to lose but he also managed to make people believe that there really is another option apart from the same old two. Paxman interviewed him last week and began the interview with “To begin on planet Earth, you’re not going to win the election are you?” (Paxman is a legend) but he wouldn’t be so quick to make that statement this week.

Clegg did mention he was from Sheffield about 400 times which was slightly annoying and his mentioning all the question askers by name in his summing up did stink of PR advice but he held himself well.

Uncle Gordon made me laugh when he thanked Cameron for making him smile in the Tory posters and getting a cheeky dig in about Lord Ashcroft paying for their campaign. He was the same old brown blundering his way through his answers until somebody asked something about the economy and suddenly he came to life. Everything about him changed from his body language to the power in his voice, the other two knew not to question him too hard on this subject as he really knew his stuff.

David Cameron was also there. I’m sorry David I just can’t remember anything you said, even the most arch conservative would struggle to claim you won the deb