First Impressions

14 10 2010

I’m left standing outside a train station for nearly an hour waiting to be collected. There’s a man sitting on a bucket playing a trumpet, he knows two songs, he repeats them a lot… without improving. I’m wearing a rucksack, it’s heavy and the day is hot. Am I going to slip into one of my trademark moods?

No way José, the trumpet man is American, the train station is Boston South Station and I’m on holiday baby.

My lift arrives in the form of Jake “The Chin” Lindmark (see above video). Boston traffic on a Friday at 5:00 is mental and we’ve got to travel 30 miles out of the city. During the journey Jake informs me that I’ll have to sleep on the living room floor because the spare bedroom has being changed into a bar.


I’ve spent the day travelling from New York and I’m knackered so we decide to have a quiet night down the local. After meeting Jake’s dog, who would become my new best friend, and a real life lesbian called KT it’s time to take the edge off reality.

We rope in Jake’s house mate Dan and head to the Irish bar. We don’t have much choice in this as every bar in Boston is Irish. Lots of beer and Irish accents, it’s like being in Dublin. The quiet night ends trying to flip the car in Mc Donald’s car park and me ranting all the  way home because they charged me extra to have a bottle of water instead of coke with my Big Mac Meal. Falling up the steps to his house we have to see if his bar works.

It does.


I sleep.

Then it’s morning.

Then my head hurts.

I force myself to get up and go into Boston. On the train in I decide to stay for an hour and then I’ll head back to Jake’s and try to get some sleep. Within 30 minutes of walking around Boston I’m hooked. The city is incredible. This is the city New York wishes it could be. It’s clean, it’s friendly (I should point out New York is, also, exceptionally friendly) and it oozes my favourite thing: FUN.