911 conspiracy clap-trap

5 06 2011

I recently went through a painfully idiotic discussion with, an otherwise highly intelligent, friend of mine. He put me onto the Zeitgeist films which I was finding interesting if not a tad debatable until…. they started on 911 conspiracy theories.

When discussing the films (via the medium of Facebook instant messenger) to my horror I discovered my learned friend believed this nonsense. At first I thought he was joking but no. My dear friend believes that the US government not only were responsible for flying the planes into the towers but also that they had the building rigged to explode. On top of this he backs the idea that there was no plane at the Pentagon or in Shanksville. He found the official Bin-Laden line unbelievable.

That is unbelievable compared to the notion that the government went to all the trouble to rig the towers to collapse (because flying two planes into them was not enough to convince the civilised world to go to war over oil). But when it came to the Pentagon they decided just to blow it up and pretend there was a plane. This is the US government, why did they not just fly a plane into the Pentagon? Why pretend there was one? Why do that on top of what happened in New York? What was the fourth plane in Shanksville all about?

Maybe they ran out of money after the New York element? I mean the US government must plan all their conspiracies on a budget? Maybe they went over budget on the explosives to bring down the towers but they had a lot left over so decided instead of ruining a perfectly good plane on the Pentagon attacks they would just use up the excess explosive? Or maybe (and I think this is the one he could have won me over with) they stored the left over explosive from New York in the Pentagon but forgot to unplug the timer and they went off with the rest of them? After all this meticulous planning did they get the sense this wasn’t enough?

“Hey I ain’t happy with this plan yet boys, ideas?”

“Maybe we should also pretend a plane crashed into a field Mr. President?”

“My word Joe, give yourself a raise.”

“Thank you very much Mr. President.”

“Actually you can’t, we used up all the money on the explosive.”


He made the point to me that if I ask any pilot of a 737 or a 777 they would tell me how difficult it is to fly a plane directly into a building. I responded that I didn’t know any pilots of 737s or 777s and perhaps I could discuss it with the pilot they had discussed it with. It turns out they didn’t actually know a pilot.

And the US government did all this to start a war over oil? Yes because the US has always had a policy of make sure everyone is on side before they make a move. Anyway off to war they went in the famously oil rich country of Afghanistan. But why didn’t they save themselves all the trouble and just pretend to go in under the guise of removing the Taliban? No one would have believed that is why they were doing it but we could all have lived with the lie that they were acting out of wanting to protect the people of Afghanistan from a human rights crisis.

On the question of the Iraq war and their oil, why would the Bush administration, after carrying out the 911 attacks, pretend that Bin-Laden was in Iraq? Leave the Afghanistan’s out of the picture. If we’re willing to believe he was behind the attacks we’ll believe he’s in Iraq.

Finally there is the question of the number of people involved in the conspiracy. My friend spoke about air traffic control doing nothing, so they were all in on it. Who flew the planes into the towers? Obviously highly trained 737 or 777 pilots, quite happy to sacrifice their lives so America can have some more oil. Whatever else you do don’t forget the Jews who didn’t go to work that day, they were all in on it too.

In fact I’m beginning to feel like I’m the only person who wasn’t in on it.

Last word to Charlie Brooker.



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26 06 2011

I just love your sanity. I get the paranoia of the conspiracyphiles…everyone has good old standard galactic paranoia…but, damn!
Not even my florrid imagination can cope with their ‘conclusions’ and concocted bollocks!
My respect to you for posting a rational 9/11 site.

5 07 2011
Paul Mc M

Hey thanks for the support man, I’ve just had enough of idiots, felt I had to say something

11 09 2012

You are the idiot.Your article was nothing but a useless ranting. No valid arguments what so ever. Wake-up from your media induced slumber and try to educate your self before you go polluting the internet with your irreverent nonsense. So why don’t you attempt to explain building 7?!? I’m sure your not capable of making any valid argument on this point either. As long as Americans like you stay in denial, our government will treat us like the ignorant majority that we are.

12 09 2012
Paul Mc M

I never said I was American.

6 07 2011

hmm…. Paul, well you and you friend might have just not be too much informed about the subject. There are more things then having a pilot as a friend and have his opinions on how to crash a 747 into a building. I’m not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist but I believe in FACTS. After that it’s up to you to make a conclusion. Paranoia? I don’t think that would be even part of looking for Facts and the truth. The worse part is that Families that died in those towers never got their answers on many questions they have asked. Again before writing about a conversation and debate that you had with your intelligent friend I would suggest to look for the truth your self by looking at both side and making your own opinion. The fact that your friend thinks that the government did that already tells me that me might be a smart friend but ignorant on the subject.

18 07 2011
youssef sharbash

no Paul your right, i think the us Goverment were behind the 9/11 for a FACT! the reason behind it was because their economy was badly declining and they were losing grip of the oil-rich middle-east bush is scum and needs to rot in hell!!

6 09 2011
Paul Mc M

I think you misunderstand me. My point was that the government had nothing to do with it and all the conspiracy theories are nonsesne.

11 09 2011
joanne lunt

bush has killed his own people .its all there for every one to see it does sound unbelivable but i think its the bush man .he is a nutter and i wouldent put nothing past him

4 02 2012

its a cover up. open ur eyes and get that george bush cum out of your eyes

12 08 2011

im with paul, the govt is not that stupid and plan a very sloppy conspiracy if they were to declare war on taliban for oil. i too was hoping to find the truth about this 911 conspiracies but if it were true? then i might say that the govt especially the one who plan this “consiracy” sucks bigtime..

3 07 2012

If you don’t think they would plan something that sloppy look at the jfk assasination. That wasn’t clean-cut at all. I’m not saying that this was or wasn’t the govt, but don’t rule them out on something as little as screwing up.

6 09 2011

Give me a fucking break you god damn conspirators! Our own government is extremely corrupt yes but they would not kill thousands of innocent American lives! You people discus me! I think this is ridiculous and outlandish, can you people be so naive? Its no secret that AL-Qaeda is responsible for 9/11. They have claimed all responsibility for what they did. Read the 9/11 commission report and inside Al Qaeda then tell me our government is at fault. I am 17 but i assure you that i am much more well informed in this matter than any one of you! This has been long awaited we knew that something was going to happen but we didn’t know what. People ignored others so it was missed we could have stopped it. but we didn’t. We also didn’t do it on purpose that is ridiculous. I think we should just drop a H bomb on those Allah bastards and put them out of their misery! fucking towel heads!!!!

6 09 2011

Holly crap, you are one xenophobic hormonal teenager. Perhaps you should channel your rage into listening to emo-rock and masturbating over cheerleaders and stop running your ignorant and racist mouth in public forums.

Innocent american lives, if they share your viewpoint that the soluntion is to “drop a H bomb on those Allah bastards” then they are anything but innocent. What you are doing is inciting hate, and what your government is doing is killing innocent people abroad. Neither is acceptable, just like 9/11 wasn’t acceptable either. We are all victims of crimes our governments commit.

Also, look up how many gallons of oil America uses and the amount you actually have.

Go back to school, little boy, and stop making a fool out of yourself.

11 09 2011
Bonnie Peterson

so do you honestly think we were better off just saying, “oh shoot, we were attacked! But that’s okay. We’ll just ignore it and act like it didn’t happen. We don’t want to be like them and kill people just because we’re angry. That would be silly of us!”
I ask this, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor back in 1941, was it wrong of Roosevelt to wage war on Japan? Was he evil for fighting back? No one ever bitched and complained about that. So why when Bush does it, people throw a stinker and call him a baby killer? I see this as nothing different.

21 02 2012

I absolutley agree with you Marina!
Evan, You are seeing the world with White Eyes. To hold all “Allah Bastards” responsible is one of the most racist things I have ever heard. From a country with such a rich background in equality and acceptance your racism is revolting.
You’ve also really embarrassed yourself and now everyone who reads this will just think your an idiot.
“Towel heads” are not the embodiment of evil Evan, you and your beliefs are.
What happened was awful but that does not give you the right to walk around and discriminate against who you like. You may be entiled to free speech but you are commiting verbal hate crimes. And yah’ know what, Karmas a bitch.
So Hopefully someone drops an H bomb on you.

3 03 2012

why don’t you go fight them , hero

27 03 2012

A thesaurus would be wise. Or, possibly just proper punctuation. The U.S. government has NO problem killing thousands of innocent Americans (look at death tolls from ANY war……. or just read a book about Pearl Harbor). Things like this happen ALL THE TIME! The fact that you so blindly believe your government truly shows how naive and ignorant the average American is!

7 04 2012

you’re 17,you think that is enough to know how the CIA works,youre lacking movies,young man,it is already there,while you are still in nothingness

13 05 2012

your ignorance im 17 too. Think about it we were about to go into another war, WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY IGNORE THE SIGNS!!!! The shit is right there for you 2 see but your so stuck up on this “America wouldn’t do that” shit its pathetic if a 17 year old like you and me would know not 2 take those type of threats seriously why wouldn’t some 50+ year old men?

10 11 2012
Street smart

You are showing your young age.
You don’t think American Govt would sacrifice its own people to go to war????

You think they didn’t know about Pearl Harbour before it happened??

What about the passenger ship being destroyed after taking Americans into German controlled waters to get into WW1. The Germans even put ads in the American newspapers warning them not to.

Bush family helped finance Hitler, do did Rockefeller.

Don’t be so naive.

Ask yourself what US presidents have been assassinated or had attempts on their lives and why.

They were all against the Banksters and their control over US money supply and therefore US economy and US lives.

Do some research on the twin towers detonations videos. Terrorists flew the planes, trained by undercover CIA no doubt.

Never underestimate the evil intentions of wealthy men looking to control our lives through fear. These same men want a one world order, which will be welcomed by the blind masses of sheep who fall for the propaganda bullshit.

Google “Aaron Russo Rockefeller interview” to get a glimpse.

6 09 2011

and another thing. we didn’t go to the middle east for their oil. we have enough for us here. Remember the spill in the gulf not too long ago… yeah how many millions of gallons leaked into the ocean?? but oh yes! we need the oil in the middle east.. wowwwwwww people are so retarded!

7 09 2011

So are you saying that America doesn’t import oil from overseas because we produce enough at home? I fully agree that 9/11 was not a conspiracy pulled off by the U.S. government, but don’t fool yourself. We use much more oil than we produce and get to benefit from deflated prices in our country because the United States dollar is still the denomination that much of the world uses to trade oil. Take it easy on the “allah bastard” comments as well. Maybe you should try leaving the United States and meeting some folks from around the world. I think you’ll find that they are nothing like the caricature images you have in your mind.

As for Marina, no matter what the thoughts of the people in the towers were about muslims on that day, they did not deserve to die. There’s no doubt the U.S. government has killed some innocent people in it’s time, but let’s also remember who’s the first to show up with help whenever there is a natural disaster or crisis elsewhere in the world. As you said, we are all victims of crimes our governments commit. That being said, given the choice to live anywhere in the world, I choose the U.S.A.

6 09 2011
Barry Harper

It was the Federal reserve ,not oil .Just like the silver certs and JFK . Follow the money . the need for another false was there .

6 09 2011

I believe that we must be open minded, history proves that we are pawns in a huge chess game and we must never ever believe what we are told from the powers that be. As sad as it is if we just accept what we are told then we are a part of a dangerous game. There are two sides always. Evan, yes goverments would kill thousands of innocent people, just look at history and know of all that have died in the name of war. They will tell the young they are a hero for dying or becoming maimed and for murdering in the name of war.

It is important also Evan, to learn as much as you can before forming opinion. To have hatred for a race that you have expressed in an act of retaliation is sad. All countries are filled with innocent people regardless of race, religion, class or colour and it is war hungry organisations (goverments) that damage our lives with war. These goverments and organisations only succeed because we the innocent, listen to them and believe in their strategies and go and fulfill their missions by joining armies, terrorist groups.

I don’t have an opinion really, i do however distrust anything goverment and media tell me, which i think is where ‘conspiracy’ is driven from, which is a sad way to live, but healthy. Always question, but nothing is FACT from any side.

13 05 2012

I agree Tea wheather the goverment knew or not this stuff is falling into place too nicely. We as people of this world have no unity its all about “Self preservation” I beleive we need 2 watch ourselves cause whether we like it or not SOMEONE has and had 2 know this stuff was about 2 go down.

6 09 2011

I have gathered quite a lot of info into what was said to have happened on 9/11 with building 7, pentagon etc… and it seems to me that you guys see it as a black and white issue. i.e. it was either al qaeda or it was the american government. although i am all open to watching movies like the Zeitgeist and find conspiricy theories entertaining and interesting, the conclusion i have come to is that what actually happened that day is not what they told us. to specualte any further than that would be steering further away the facts and into pure speculation. alot of unaswered questions and things that don’t add up doesnt neccesarily mean the govt did it but it does not rule it out either. and that guy that said they could not have done it because he regards the american govt too clever and resourceful to pull it off in the sloppy way it happened really does make me laugh. that is opinion based on his high regard for a state and a complete refusal to comprehend that they would do that to their own people. I cannot say whether they did it or not but what I can say is not to understimate the lengths that nations will go to to get what they want. When I learned about hitler in school I used to ask myself “how on earth did one man turn his entire country against an entire race and religion and everyone just agreed with it?” And then I saw it happen in front of my eyes as American citizens threw up their arms in hatred for the Islam, naming them as their number 1 enemy overnight! The American govt (like all govts) manipulates its people to gain support for doing whatever it is they will do. Using 9/11 as a vehicle to hate the middle east so nobody will mind when the allies invade iraq and kill innocent civilians is just as sad than thinking they did it themselves. We can say for sure, deduced from facts and accounts incl Mr.Blair’s that that DID actually happen. so regardless of whether they did it themseleves, it sure worked in their favour as one big support campaign to fight for honour, truth and the american way. We as people of these countries are the ones to really pity. We are sheep… cattle… statistics… But they wouldn’t really manipulate us would they??? Of course not because they are the U.S Govt and theyre amazing! pffffttt

When China eventually begins to run out of resources and starts to invade its surrounding neighbours, we will see how this works when were not part of the superpower who does what it wants to get what it needs!

6 09 2011
joe hdz

Congratulations, you’re the first person to name how China will behave in the future, due to the same reasons the US did on 9/11, JFK, Pearl Harbor, WWI and countless others. (official statements are never true).
I;m an structural engineer and those towers shouldn’t have fallen they way they did, none other in the world has collapse all the way due to a fire high above. Much less the third tower falling hours later at WTC.
Also, any plane wreckage leaves plenty of parts, some are indestructible like landing gears and turbines, yet they found everybody’s DNA when everything else disintegrated as they claim.
Plus how can anyone believe America had only two jet fighters to defend the East coast because all others had a training day ?
Are those arab radicals that stupid to provoke the US ?
I hope future Americans don’t laugh at how simple minded we all were believing what the government told us, like we laugh at how people believed Earth was flat just because the leaders said so.
Our leaders did it because they thought it was good for our country and their own convenience. It’s a business, period.

7 09 2011

I thinks it was them pesky leprechauns

8 09 2011

Not funny, bruce. you’re probably a retarded redneck

9 09 2011
Paul Mc M

I thought it was quite funny, a bit of levity is exactly what’s needed.

7 09 2011

Dude I heard it was actually SONY! I’m gonna do a big exposé on pietriots (here on wp.com) for the anniversary!

7 09 2011
Caesar Augustus...

As it happened in Pearl Harbor’s incident… the government, the cia, the pentagon generals, and all the intelligence agencies KNEW IN ADVANCE about the terrorist’s plans… and they just simply LET IT HAPPEN, to take advantage of the victim’s right to pay back for supporting other purposes… Remember that once the terrorists intended to make the WTC’s towers fell down with a car full of explosives in one of the basement floors…. They knew the terorists will try it again, so when they were pretty sure about the real target, they prepared in advance wiring the three towers of the WTC with controlled explosive charges so in the right time with all the world amazed and horrified about the plane crashes, they made the towers collapse… (we better say they “demolished” the towers)… The victims => expendable casualties that may happen as in any war scenario… The People => fooled by the same people they elected as governors and their security and peace keepers…. And finally in the TV News… “Yes! the land is Flat… Just as the Oficial Story goes and the Leaders say…”

22 09 2011
Paul Mc M

Who planted the explosives? Are they all in on it too? Why bother with the other 2 planes, surely bringing down the two towers would be enough? Do you live on your own?

8 09 2011

First of all Paul, you don’t seem to understand much of it.
second, it is the first time in history that a building ( let alone two of the tallest in the world ) has fallen straight and directly to the ground after being on fire. I have been to Ground Zero to pay respect. The church that is directly across the street does not have a scratch on it ( divine intervention? yeah right ).
Especially of all George Bush’s reaction to hearing about what happened is just ridiculous. He should be held for War Crimes, the amount of people who have died as result of his actions is discusting!

22 09 2011
Paul Mc M

You haven’t managed to make a point here.

8 09 2011

you rlly need to look at the physics of the collapse how does a building basically implode i mean it was built to withstand a direct hit from a jet so we r made to believe that this made the towers collapse and wtc 7 fell the same way so that makes sense seein as it wasnt (apart from some debris and fire ) hit by anything. And months before bush’s relatives that owned a construction company was working down on the support columns u kno where they found thermite.

But i do agree with u that it wasnt the govt it was al Qaeda and the govt. I mean lets kick the ballistics here Osama was a cia tactian when the ussr was in Afghanistan and he STILL is one and everyone that says murder is in the islam religion is a bigot i mean the catholic religion prob has more blood on its hands than islam. We give the govt power wen we turn on the daily news because that is the unofficial 4th branch of the govt, next time u watch it count how many times the go in depth on depressing and scary topics such as murder, robbery, rapes, kidnapping and jus death and then count how many times they dont talk about that stuff.

People need to realize this and prepare for the depression that is coming is very very soon and we know this cuz all the fat heads on capitol hill and wall st are fumbling to get as much money as they can a.k.a 2008 stimulus package.

27 01 2012

Um, sorry, Earl, but you are mistaken. The towers were not made to withstand impact from a commercial jet. They were made to withstand impact from small planes. Like the small kind, the little prop planes, that people own and operate themselves. Like the one that the pilot accidentally flew into a building in NYC several years ago. Definitely NOT a commercial jet.

8 09 2011

Why don’t the close-minded people that think the 9/11 conspiracy is a complete hoax/ridiculous/ yatta yatta yatta actually go to zeitgeist.com and watch it. you may think it’s stupid from this idiots point of view but open your mind, pry open that third eye and maybe you’ll see what i’m seeing.

9 09 2011
Paul Mc M

Pry that third eye open? This idiot’s point of view? I don’t think I want to see what you’re seeing.
I corrected your bad grammar for you in my reply, no charge. x

12 09 2011

first off id like to start by sayin i believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy.
can anyone tell me how a 110 storey building designed to withstand a direct hit by 2 airliners collapsed straight down into the ground in under 10 seconds…?
also, watch the videos of the tower collapsing… the wisps of smoke coming from the building preceding the falling debris are signs explosives were used… explain how so many people at ground-zero said they heard explosions before the towers came down…
look at the steel beams in the aftermath of 9/11… they are cut on angles.. shaped charges were used to slice the steel beams to bring the buildings down…
also, the colour of the smoke coming from the buildings shows that the fire was not getting enough oxygen to burn hot enough to melt steel. the idea that the fires brought the towers down is bollocks…

February 13, 1975 fire
On February 13, 1975, a three-alarm fire broke out on the 11th floor of the North Tower. Fire spread through the core to the 9th and 14th floors by igniting the insulation of telephone cables in a utility shaft that ran vertically between floors. Areas at the furthest extent of the fire were extinguished almost immediately and the original fire was put out in a few hours. Most of the damage was concentrated on the 11th floor, fueled by cabinets filled with paper, alcohol-based fluid for office machines, and other office equipment. Fireproofing protected the steel from melting and there was no structural damage to the tower. Other than the damage caused by the fire, a few floors below suffered water damage from the extinguishing of the fires above. At that time, the World Trade Center had no fire sprinkler systems.

Just before 9/11 there was an “extraordinary” amount of put options placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks, the two airlines involved and the only 2 with a large number of put options placed on them. Authorities believed, and some conspiracy theorists continue to maintain, that trading insiders may have known in advance of the coming events of 9/11 and placed their bets accordingly.

The rapid and illegal scrapping of the WTC ruins at Ground Zero disposed of almost all of the structural steel indispensable to any investigation of the collapse mechanics. why?

On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced a “war on waste” after an internal audit found that the Pentagon was “missing” 2.3 trillion dollars in unaccounted assets. On September 11th, this was as good as forgotten as all financial records were lost in the destruction of WTC building 7 which was not hit by any plane yet still collapsed…

Was 9/11 an update of the Pentagon-approved “Project Northwoods” plan for conducting self-inflicted, false-flag terror attacks in the United States, and blaming them on a foreign enemy?

this video goes into detail about what hit the towers on 9/11

this video goes into how eveything we saw in the news that day was all a cover up….

watch this and at the end, make up your own mind about what really happened that day and why….

12 09 2011


The Bush family has a dubious history, including trading with the nazi’s illegally during WW2… (Prescott Bush – George Bush’s Grandfather…)
and now the connections between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family are coming to light…
go to this site and read the information given..

4 03 2012
Paul Mc M

But who planted the explosives? Who cut the beams?

12 09 2011


more bush and bin laden monetary ties….

12 09 2011

We live in a democratic tyrrany. Although I do not live in your Country, my Country depends greatly on the actions and economy of yours. The U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are three of the greatest documents ever forged and they are no longer being adhered to by the people and Corporations who have “seemingly” more power than ordinary individuals. It is in the power of this internet medium that gives me untwarted hope that we might learn how much power we of democratic systems truly have in the forging of the future of our children’s world. The Arab Spring is a direct result of the same medium. I dearly hope an American Spring can bloom one day too; as it will save the rest of the world from this contagious tyranny. As you continue to question the history of “facts” from the people who write it with your friends and family and anonomous people like this forum, look into a few things to guide you like who owns the Federal Reserve and why do we pay these people interest on money they create from nothing? You will find that indeed money does grow from trees, harvested into dollar bills and loaned to the lending institutions and then to us for a very high premium, keeping us in a happy slavdom because we can afford plasmas and watch terrible television instead of continuing the great work of the people who created your great Nation who ironically left their homelands because of similar circumstances and in order to create a more perfect union of ordinary people where everyone was to have the chance to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Remember also how much power you truly have – vote with your dollars, invest not in massive corporations, but local entrepreneurs and buy products from companies that you research and learn to respect in terms of their behavior. Vote for anyone in your political arena that speaks the truth, even if it is somewhat hidden in their guise to remain off the radar of powerfully moneyed people who will not go quietly to pasture. But whatever you do, dont be cattle who believe virtually everything they hear, read and see – as that will be the end of questioning and the end and the first amendment and the end of freedom everywhere and that would make the life and death of hundreds of millions of people around the world who worked and faught for us all – all for naught.

13 09 2011

for all those that believe that there was explosives planted at the foot of the building to bring them down especailly (joehdz, no way are you a structual engineer), 1)it would take days to drill into a the supporting beams, hundreds of miles of wiring and many many man hours to set up with a large team needed (are all the secruity guards and explosive engineers in on it too?) 2) if it was blown from the bottom why were the lower supporting struts the only standing part of the building left. who can not forget the pictures of the large metal supporting struts sticking up from the ground, all bent and twisted. when a building is destroyed from the bottom with explosives, the lower supporting struts are destroyed completly to allow the building to fall, this never happended with the twin towers as although they were bent and twisted, they were still standing and attached to the foundations. with all the planning and people that would be needed to arrange and to pull of this huge event its so obvious that this was not an inside job but was instead the work of a group of determined terrorists who learnt how to fly planes, got onto planes that at the time they had very little security, with many areoplanes leaving the cockpit door open during the flight, stabed and assaulted the crew before locking themselves into the cockpit and crashing the planes into buildings. who here pre 911, had not been on a flight where at times you could see the pilots as the doors were left open, and lets be honest shops had better security than planes (at least they have security guards). think of it this way, do you think pre 911 it would have been possible for yourself and a few of your friends to overpower a few airhostess and 2 captains with some weapons you had took onto a plane and with a suprise attack, i think quite honestly people must realise that there was a huge problem with security on planes, and thats why a group of guys with no more than a few knives, fakebombs and an unexpected attack for the flight crew, were able to take over planes and crash them into buildings.

14 09 2011


15 09 2011

The conspiracy theorist are right…Paul IS dead…no brain activity whatsoever. Bleeting and Babbling…

5 06 2012

The conspiracy theorists get rich dreaming that stuff up….RICH BEYOND YOUR DREAMS, and we just eat it up with a spoon. Bad Govt. Bad Govt.

16 09 2011

“Money Makes the World Go Round”

Most of you are making undereducated and uninformed claims; on BOTH sides. To truly understand any issue, you need to see both sides of the picture. Automatically writing someone off as an idiot simply because you don’t agree with them is..well… idiotic. Have any of you ever actually read even a small part of the official 9/11 report? If you have, you will notice a lot of holes in the story. I am not here to make any ridiculous conspiracy theory type claims; HOWEVER, I think what actually happened that day, and what the government tells happened that day are two VERY different things. All of that being said; simply using your mind and actually THINKING (what a concept!) about these events will give you new insights. For example… how does a fire at the very top of a building cause the entire structure to collapse? It doesn’t. WTC towers are the only buildings in history to suffer a total implosive collapse simply from interior fires. Structure fires are not nearly hot enough to melt steel, even if they are fueled by jet fuel. I need not cite this claim. Go look it up. You will surprised what you find. That and a whole lot more.

Oh yeah, chances are; the motivation was either money or power (or both) NOT OIL. If oil had anything to do with it, it is only because there is HUGE profit to be made off of oil. Why do you think the most wealthy CEO’s are protected during economic uncertainty before the citizens? That has pretty much been the cause of every War/attack/invasion in history. Don’t believe me? Again, grab some history books and look it up.

4 03 2012
Paul Mc M

You have ailed to make a point here, you just speculate as if you are an expert. Anyone can do that.

1 01 2012
yerel haberler

Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to present one thing again and aid others like you helped me.

7 01 2012
Peter N. Goy

You do not believe the american government would execute a false flag like 9-11 and all of her deaths just to get oil? Well , it is not just because of oil…it is power over the Middle East and to have permanent military bases there as well. But, maybe you want to forget so easily and therefor let me remind you….The american government sent soldiers to die in 2 illegal invasions….they where acts of aggressive wars against innocent civilians. The americans killed thousands of Afghans while there was NOT A SINGLE prove Afghanistan OR Bin laden organized 9-11, you can email the CIA and FBI for explanation and prove for this. Also , Iraq had not a single connection with 9-11 or Al Queada, in fact , only if you are an illiterate you still believe this lies to go to war…Now, add ALL Iraqi deaths and add all Afghan casualties…..add ALL deaths on the G.I.’s side and you must admit the 9-11 casualties are NOT even a fraction of the deaths the american government cuased packed on a bunch of lies…….Now what is worst…….believing in 1000 lies and coincidences or believing the 9-11 false flag operation…….IF you are an overpatriotic brainwashed warmonger I can understand you believe the 1000 lies and coincidences …….

Shalom arkadash….

keep believing your government…..IF nobody would then there would be NO 9-11’s….

5 06 2012

Lets see if I have this straight. We KNOW the US govt didnt act on information that there was going to be an attack on US soil using airplanes. It happened. Al Queida claims responsibility for those attacks, but YOU don’t believe it.
THEN the US govt gets information from ex pats from Iraq about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Couple that with all the anti US rhetoric from Saddam Hussein and your govt actually had concerns…You dont seem to believe there were any reasons for those concerns….even though your own govt IGNORED the info they had about airplanes attacking them on their own soil.
So the UN Weapons Inspectors went to iraq and were ORDERED OUT. Why would Saddam do that if he had nothing to hide? Why?
The US govt talked tougher and Saddam once again allowed the UN weapons inspectors back into the country, only to ORDER THEM OUT AGAIN.
At that point your govt had a choice.
Do nothing like they did when they knew about the airplanes,
OR take action based on the information they had about WMD and the fact that Saddam Hussein had TWICE ordered the weapons inspectors OUT OF HIS COUNTRY.
The US gave Saddam Hussein and his two sons 48 HOURS to leave Iraq.
They didnt leave. In fact Saddam Hussein told his own people to “fight the Infidels to the Death”….
The US invaded…..and it wasnt well planned. Their only goal was to topple the govt, without any plan as to how they were going to manage the llawlessness that followed the invasion.
Saddam’s sons did in fact fight to the death….but that brave Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, was ARRESTED when he was found cowering in a hole.
You can hold your govt accountable for all this, or you can wise the hell up and realize there were other factors that caused this…..false information and a defiant Iraqi leader contributed to this mess, along with a terrible plan by the US military and political leadership.
As for the WMD, it is asked WHERE ARE THE WMD?
I wud like to point out that when the US first became aware of the WMD, there had been NO INVASION at that point…..the US military was not in Iraq…….
Sometime AFTER the US invasion of Iraq, three US military personnel were KIDNAPPED…….although there were 13,000 troops on the ground searching, the soldiers were not found alive…….AND THE US WAS RIGHT THERE AND COULDNT FIND THEM.

And if they couldnt find 3 of their own soldiers when they had 13,000 SOLDIERS SEARCHING FOR THEM IMMEDIATELY, how the hell could they ever find the WMD when they didnt get to Iraq until much later, affording Iraq enough time to MOVE THEM ELSEWHERE???
For Gods sake, there are weapons and explosives CONSTANTLY MAKING THEIR WAY INTO IRAQ while the US is there…….is it really that hard to believe that IF THERE WERE WMD (IM not saying there were) that they could easily have been moved before American troops laid their feet on Iraqi soil??

Over 6400 American solidiers have lost their lives in that shit hole, not to mention all the troops from allied countries. And what about the ones who returned home, only to commit suicide? This was a huge clusterfuck from beginning to end.

The US govt bears a huge responsibility here, make no mistake about that. But dont ever for a second think the other players like Saddam Hussein and osama bin ladin are innocent.
All I hear from you Americans is how George Bush killed all those innocent Afghanistan and Iraqi civilians. Those numbers pale in comparison to how many were killed by insurgents….that’s right, I said it. Their own people killed their own people….Why? Because they dont care who they kill.
A story was printed in the Canadian magazine Macleans about Canadian troops supporting Afghan troops in driving out the Taliban from a small village.

As the troops left, this 12yr old boy gave bread to the troops to thank them. This was a huge gesture as food isnt as plentiful as it is in North America……Later that evening the Taliban returned. they took that innocent 12yr old boy and HANGED HIM FROM A TREE. When his father fought for his sons life, they shot the father dead.
And all you people can think to do is run your own government into the ground….Wow, you’re lucky to be free to express your opinion. No govt offical is hanging YOUR CHILDREN or shooting YOU.

20 01 2012
Britney Holt

I refer to the ones that are genuine, and respectful. Do they search for logical advice or wisdom, they do not find from anyone in their life? Are they only curious? Do some miss their own grandparents, or never knew their them at all. Does this category serve as a ‘comfort’ zone for them? All my life, (and I’m now 53 yrs young,) and to this day, I love to be around older people. I find them amazing, and am in awe of the life stories they tell. They lived the history that I learned about in my studies. There is so much to learn from them, how they coped with life’s problems, the experiences they had. There are many good young people out there. I don’t allow the disrepectful ones cloud my judgment and class them all together. That is no more fair than them doing the same to us. So, taking a rest, I have sat here pondering this question, and am most interested in reading your thoughts. Thank you for taking time to answer. 🙂

19 03 2012

I clearly remember the morning of September 11th, 2001. I turned on the TV and was immediately engrossed in the images of the first tower hit. I sat on my coffee table all day watching MSNBC’s coverage and every event unfold. I, like many, believed every word the media told me andwent through many different feelings over the coming days from shock to anger to depression.

Until last year, I believed that Al-Queida was the true mastermind behind these events. It was then that I started watching the conspiracy documentaries (the most recent and probably the best one I have seen is “911: In Plane Site”, can be seen on netflix) and suddenly I started to see the same thing in every different show. The explosion in the towers BEFORE the planes penetrated, the smoke from the ground floors before collapse, the plumes extruding from approximately every tenth floor as the towers collapsed in on themselves. In fact, I was doubting weather or not it was a United Airlines plane until I saw the picture above and the yellow circle around the tail. It still is not convincing to me because it is not a clear picture and most United planes were white, but the logo on the tail is consistant with that of United, building 7’s collapse after a few hours from the towers (blamed on damage from the towers, yet another skyskraper could burn 5 floors for 18 hours without compromising its structural strength). At the Pentagon, before the collapse of the upper floors, the hole in the building was not consistant of the size of a Boeing 757, and where is the wreckage of the plane? 10,000 gallons of jet fuel would have contaminated the grounds around the building…. where was the clean up effort? The only security cameras showing the impact do not show a plane at all. As much of the explosion that was caught on film, you can’t tell me that you are not going to see some recognizable part of a 127 foot long airliner in it…. either right before or during the explosion (even at 500 miles per hour). In Pennsylvania, again there is no debris from the wreckage and the crater is not consistant with the size of a Boeing 757. I am no rocket scientist, but I do understand a bit about size, velocity, and impact…. It just does not add up to me. Now I believe that there were only 2 planes (both hitting the towers obviously) and 2 military rockets of some kind, one at each of the other 2 sites.

Paul, you have brought up a valid point asking why the United States Government would kill their own people if it was a conspiracy. I thought the same thing, then I remembered what Hitler and Stalin had done to their own. It makes me sick to think about it, but their are always casualties in every believable conspiracy. And who says the planes actually had passengers on them, did you yourself see them board the plane and take off? neither did I. It is rumored that on one plane the terrorists sat amongst military officials and Boeing employees to name a couple of groups on that flight thatt was only at 30% occupancy. Sounds a little far fetched to me, in fact it was all very sloppy if it was in fact a cover up as I now believe it to be. But that would be consistant with Bush himself bumbling speeches and interviews.

Quite some years ago, Bush also announced that we were victorious and the war was over. So why have our military spent more than a decade in Iraq? According to Obama, we have killed Osama…. but we are still there! Why? The whole assasination of Osama Bin Laden could be a scam also, did you see that the Osama that claimed responsibility for 9/11 had a darker, thicker, and shorter beard than that of the Osama shown holding an assault rifle? Who is to say that the Osama double was not the one that was shown shot in the head?

So yes, I do question the whole event and who is really to blame! I also do not believe much of what my government and the media tell me. Come to think of it, doesn’t it say “journalist” in your title above? Hmmmm, makes me suspicious of you also. I don’t think that your friend is so dumb as you may be blind…. but that is my opinion that I am entitled to in a free country (are we still free?) just like you and your opinion.

20 03 2012

Well put. Any reasonable person with grade 9 critical thinking skills has to have many questions.

4 06 2012

Even the Taliban admit that Osama was killed by your Navy Seals. No conver up there at all

28 03 2012

With anything that happens in the world that would change it in the way this did there will always be conspiracy theories behind it. The moon landing, JFK, and Roswell to name a very few. I’ve found that with governments, people always like to believe anything that would bring disrepute towards it. I’m not too sure what really happened but seriously doubt that the govt was in on it. How can you plant that much explosives and no one notice? How can you fire a rocket and no one see the trail from the firing point to the point of impact? It doesn’t just disappear after a second. How can you logistically support such an operation and with someone involved not saying something? And why would a well known terrorist admit doing it if he didn’t? And for the building falling straight down, the top portion above the plane’s impact looked to me to land on the lower section (as what would happen with gravity) and with that much weight of concrete and steel coming down on top of it of course the buildings coming down. It’s like a wrecking ball dropping. I’m not an intelligent person but you can not tell me that a plane of that size at speed crashing into a building with the av gas burning wouldn’t critically weaken the structural integrity of the building. And as for it going straight down, I can only guess and speculate but I reckon with little outside force to make the building fall in other directions, the weight of the section above the planes impact coming down forced the lower part down underneath it straight down. But I’ve rambled for too long and I’ll leave with saying people (in my eye’s) are always excited and are keen to believe a good conspiracy theory. Like I said, I don’t know what happened. I am open minded. But I just find this one a bit hard. And to the friends and families of the victims, my condolences.

4 06 2012

I think the US govt made some critical MISTAKES which led to this tragedy.

1 11 2012

no the powers that be knew what they were doing the government is very evil wake up people our government does whatever it wants you have no voice you have no real rights on election day they will put whoever they want in office obama was put there to swicth the focus and please the masses calm the beast always question your leaders stop being cattle lead to slaughter when i was very young my parents told me about santa and i believed be careful question everything

1 04 2012
Joe Barijaos

Well I want to make my statement quick cause i can easly make this a 6 page plus report. The government did plan 911 along with Bin Laden working along side with the CIA starting in April & ending in May of 2000 these meetings being held in France. Some of my other friends who are current and former Special Forces this includes Navy Seals, Marine Snipers, but more importantly my two close friends 1 who served 20 years MP for the Air Force working at NORAD the other worked 30 years in the government building weapons for the military……
Afghanistan – Are government wanted to build a multi trillion-dollar gas pipeline through Afghanistan the only people that were going against the plan was the Taliban, so are government had to come up with a solution. This solution was to work with Bin Laden, which the CIA was doing this all started in April of 2000 and continued through the end of May of 2000. The CIA had one last meeting with Bin Laden on the eve of 911 to make sure everything was in place the following day. There was memo past down to all branches of the miltary to stand down on 911. The reason for this cause there was going to be a practice excersize envolving middle eastern indivuals hijacking comercial planes thats why NORAD didn’t oreder any fighter jets to engage.

Later after the attacks, the Pentagon excuse for NORAD not sending fighter planes to intercept the planes was because NORAD had lost communications somehow during those four flights. This was the first time in history NORAD had lost radar contact with a plane United States airspace. When these doomed planes left from their destinations, they were still on the radar screen for 15-20 minutes all of a sudden they change course, turned around, and went off the radar screen the lost radio contact. At this point common sense, there should have been fighter jets scrambled instantly, this order coming directly from NORAD. Standard protocol in the Air force is if any plane does not respond to any flight tower they get one more warning then within 5- minutes fighter planes are scrambled to intercept that possible threat.

It’s sad to know that are military leaders lied about NORAD losing contact with those doomed planes. The reason I know this is because president Bush at the time after the attacks took place within less than 45 minute Bush had a military escort of 400 hundred fighter jets surrounding Air Force 1 to take him to a secret location in the Midwest to an underground bunker oreder coming from NORAD. Therefore, NORAD was up in running perfectly fine while providing protection for Bush, but did not give a shit about those planes that were hijack with innocent civilians onboard.

My friend who I mentioned earlier who served as a MP in the Air Force for 20 years has investigate numerous plane wreaks throughout his career he informed me that there were no remains found at any of the four crash sites on 911. Bodies and limbs are one of the first things found at any crash site involving planes. So getting to my point is he told me that all four planes were flown to a secret location in the US most likely a military base everyone was then escorted off these planes then shot execution style in the head. Then right after this happening those planes took back-off and headed back to their planed targets at this time there was nobody on board these

My friend who I mentioned earlier who served as a MP in the Air Force for 20 years has investigate numerous plane wreaks throughout his career he informed me that there were no remains found at any of the four crash sites on 911. Bodies and limbs are one of the first things found at any crash site involving planes. So getting to my point is he told me that all four planes were flown to a secret location in the US most likely a military base everyone was then escorted off these planes then shot execution style in the head. Then right after this happening those planes took back-off and headed back to their planed distinations. These planes were specially built by are governments as giant drones for this awful day in are history from that point on the Air Force was conyrolling these planes.

Let’s back up a little so I can talk a little more about Bin laden, but I will be brief cause if I don’t want this letter to end up becoming a short novel so I’m sorry. As we all witness last May 1 2011 Navy Seal Team 6 siege that killed Bin Laden, or did they? We never saw a body, but we did see Gaddafi body live for the whole world to see. Well if you already didn’t know Bin Laden died December 26 2001 in France then buried in the Tore Bora Mountains in Afghanistan. All my friends in the special forces confirmed my findings including my Navy Seal budy in the summer of 2010.

Afghanistan – Are government wanted to build a multi trillion-dollar gas pipeline through Afghanistan the only people that were going against the plan was the Taliban, so are government had to come up with a solution. This solution was to work with Bin Laden, which the CIA was doing this all started in April of 2000 and continued through the end of May of 2000. The CIA had one last meeting with Bin Laden on the eve of 911 to make sure everything was in place the following day.

Remember September 10 2001 when the Defense Department lost track of over 100 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money for the following year. The Pentagon was not in the regional attacks on 911 that target was decided on because are government did not want a bunch of angry American causing mayhem, because of lost taxpayer’s money. The exact area of the building that was struck was bye a US drone not a plane like a lot of people think, was the area that store the information involving the lost funds for the Pentagon. I can confirm that it was a US drone stuck the Pentagon not a plane like the government had stated. My friend I mentioned earlier who served as a MP in the Air Force for 20 years from 1979-1999 working at NORAD through the 80’S. He was one of the few had the chance to provide security for the B-2 Stealth during special opts test flights during the cover of darkness from 1979 until 1987 when it was released to the Air Force for combat as well as for world viewing. His friend was in the Pentagon when it was attack, and saw for himself that it was not a commercial airline, but an US drone that crashed near where he was during the Pentagon attacks.

Iraq-The CIA had intercepted some intelligence that Saddam Hussein was planning a jihad against the United States. Saddam was forming an alliance with all the Middle Eastern countries including are allies, plus Middle Eastern people who were living in the United States. The real objective was to go into Iraq was to relief Saddam of his command, while a neighboring country would take into exile. The second reason was when Iraq was still Mesopotamia back in the early nineteen hundreds before the end of WW 1 In 1917 that region contain the information on what’s going to happen to the world on December 21 2012, so that’s the real reasons for going into Iraq in 2003.

I can give you guys alot more detailed info, but again this will take to long sorry……

5 06 2012

Funny how Bin Ladin died way back in 2001, yet the Taliban (who love nothing more than to embarrass the United States) have confirmed that the Navy Seals killed him during that infamous raid in a Pakistani compound in 2011.

7 09 2012

Presumably this is satire, but if not you have serious problems if you believe this pile of crap.

4 04 2012

Anyone who thinks their gov wouldn’t do something like this is iintellectual trouble. In saying this, Im not stating that this in turn was the reality of 911.

However If you understand anything of the US government from JFK days up.. You will understand that devious operations have been employed time and time again.

You own C.I.A. has been caught redhanded 100’s of times involved in the drug trade.

Im not saying it was ‘terrorists’ or your Gov.. just saying there is not much of a difference.

6 04 2012

An evil secret group is behind all of this,their goal is depopulation ,control,war,terror and confusion.We are fools to believe that this world is run by good people and intentions.The USA is their main tool in all of this, as it is the main military industrial complex to perform this.

30 04 2012
Wild Cat Den

The government loves a good sheep.

4 06 2012

And so do the people who sell books and make movies about conspiracies…they make millions too

4 06 2012

I’m a Canadian & many of us believe it was a conspiracy. I do NOT. How would you go about explaining to the families of Flight 93 that they are crazy? It wasnt their loved ones who called them on that fateful day and told them that they had been hijacked by men wearing bandanas and looking “Middle Eastern. Possibly Iraqis”?? And they told their families they were storming the cockpit to bring the plane down ON THE PASSENGERS TERMS, not on the terms of the terrorists. All those family members must be mistaken. They didnt recognize their own family members voices. Boy oh boy, this conspiracy sure took a lot of planning. Flight 93 should be the end of this stupid debate once and for all. There is no rationale rebuttal to this. They were hijacked. Period.

5 06 2012

Hey paul
youve been asking, “who planted the explosives, who planted the exposives?”
So called engineers had unlimited access during the prior weeks leading up the demolitions. Massive powerdowns, security upgrades, oh btw the director that managed security at world trade center, the one and only Marvin Bush fuck head.
Who Cut the beam?
explosives cut right through steel beams. Nano thermite and thermate melt steel like butter.
Ever heard of molten steel retard?
do your research you mindless drone.
you’d have to be blind deaf and dumb not to now a perfect demoltion job when you see one.
and the snake jew wanting double return on his insurance claim, just reconstructed 6 months prior.
just do your research joke
iron spheres in dust samples collected by residents near by show proof of thermite explosives.
do your research mindless pawn
first ever steel buildings to implode on themselves due to fire
pentagon hit in area researching rumsfields lost 2.3 TRILLION
look into it joke those are facts your government fuck you in the ass raw.
now what do you know?

5 06 2012
Paul Mc M

Do you have somebody who looks after you?

5 06 2012

I’m waiting for someone to erect two structures the size of the twin towers and then fly airplanes loaded with fuel into them so we can test this out……since it hasnt happened before and likely wont ever happen again, I guess we will never really know for sure WHY the towers came down.
Theoretical science is ONE THING, but it doesnt always work in real practice

8 06 2012
Paul Dubbin

I have a theory that there are no conspiracy theorists. The people who pretend to be conspiracy theorists are really agents of the Icelandic government who want to create mistrust of the American oil companies (to create a market for their geothermal energy technology).

Can you disprove my theory? Ah, it must be true then.

20 06 2012

Flight 93…end of discussion.

20 06 2012

The passengers of Flight 93 called their relatives and told them who had hijacked the plane and it wasn’t a bunch of Whitey Whitebread Americans….thats right, it was bandana wearing middle eastern males. But I suppose somehow the families of those aboard Flight 93 were ALL MISTAKEN. It wasnt their loved ones who called them and gave them the blow by blow of what was happening on that plane and that they were bringing it down.

That your government was inept that day (And during the entire Iraq fiasco) goes without saying, but “conspiracy”?? What a stretch.

3 07 2012

So what makes it so hard to believe that they couldn’t find people that looked middle eastern or that actually were to work for them??

9 07 2012

Can all of you conspiracy theorists do some research into nano thermite and thermate? And please look into proper scientific research, you will be interested to find that it wouldn’t have left residue the way you think it has! And building 7 didn’t fall directly onto itself it partially fell to the side. People also forget the weight of the fuel in the planes also had an effect in the crashes. I’m not all pro government but the plan wasn’t that sophisticated and could have been carried out by anyone. There are bad people in the world who do bad things to innocent people, it’s not always the governments fault! Get off your high horses, and be realistic!

2 11 2012
John Hersey

The same was said of the Reichstag fire. The commies did it. Lets ban and kill commies, and unite Germany under Adolf Hitler and go to war with everyone, because God is on our side, and we are the “greatest generation”, world dominating power.

Sound vaguely familiar to all that American propaganda that gets vomited on the world?

Well, Hitler did it, not the commies.

Yes, the USA would kill 3500 “of it’s own”.
3500 is nothing compared to how many people die in a year from things the USA government could prevent.

5,500 people die from people talking on their cellphones while driving. That’s 6 times more than get killed by drunk drivers. Is there a war on cellphone companies?

595,444 people in the USA die of “fat fuckness” also called heart disease, because they eat “fast food”. Is there a war on fast food restaurants?

137,789 die of mostly smoking related causes. Is there a war on Tobacco growers, manufacturers and retailers?

6,500 USA soldiers have died, and 42,000 have been wounded in the war-on-terror. Ask me again whether the USA government will kill it’s own people.

3 12 2012


3 12 2012

thx for the school debate arguments 😀

5 02 2013

I personally found this amazing blog , “911 conspiracy clap-trap
paulmcjournalist”, highly engaging and it was a superb read.
Thanks for the post-Rosella

19 06 2013
Paul Mc M

Thank you, that is very kind of you to say

2 06 2013
Mr b

I can tell by your rant you have not research anything about 911 or why the government would want to start a war before you post your views you should sit down and watch a 911 conspiracy video a good one is in plain site also research the petrodollar try to take a none bias view when you watch the video (I’m not here to push my view on you just suggesting you look at both sides)

19 06 2013
Paul Mc M

I will, thanks for the tip.

25 06 2013
Mark Brady

Great post.

27 06 2013
Paul Mc M

Thanks Mark

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