Anyone for a leak and a tear up?

27 01 2011

Debate has begun about what exactly kicked off the sudden and somewhat violent revolts in Tunisia.  Some papers (the right wing lot) feel vindicated in blaming Twitter and, more importantly, Wikileaks. over on the other side the ultra-liberals say we can’t blame technology as all sides are using it.

The Daily Mail has adopted the phrase ‘First Wikileaks Revolution’ stating that leaked US embassy cables were to blame. The cables referred to president Ben Ali and his siblings as ‘The Family’ and compared them to a Mafiosi style set up. They uncover widespread corruption amongst the country’s richest and showed how Ali’s wife, Leila Ben Ali, made huge profits from setting up public schools.

Timothy Garton Ash in The Guardian seems to dispute the Wikileaks cause. He feels dictators such as Gadafi are to quick to blame advances in technology for civil unrest. He feels that whatever is gained by activists through new media is just as likely to be exploited by governments. He talks of how Ali wasn’t adverse to hacking opponents email and blocking online access. He makes a very good point. The revolution in Tunisia could have been prevented if the government had been quicker to act. Ash’s headline sums up his point best, read it here.



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