16 03 2010

In an election that looks like it will be decided on the budget today’s orders from Brussels can’t do Labour much good. The European Parliament are telling Gordon to curb his spending.

Britain has no money at the moment and the national debt is currently £178 billion, what Britain does have in abundance is undecided voters and Euro-sceptics.

The Tories are acting like the smarmy teacher’s pet saying they agree with the call and claim their budget would rely less on borrowing and more on cuts. Tories and Europe agree on something? Wow. Maybe they want to get the defector Edward McMillan-Scott back?

“What has to be done now is to get this debt rapidly under control and get the bulk of the structural deficit, get rid of it during the next parliament and I also think one needs to start now,” said Conservative Business Spokesman Ken Clarke.

So do those Tories like David “Just call me Dave” Cameron who are so vocal in their dislike on Europe follow the leader in a neck snapping U-turn and a show of hands saying “Yes Brussels look at us, we’ll do as you ask” or do they remain as sceptic as ever and get Cameron to return to the anti-Europe grass roots level?

What of the usually more pro-Europe Labour voters? Their party and its leader are getting a direct telling off from Europe. They won’t feel too pleased, they would be perfectly within their rights to compare Britain to Euro-zone countries such as Ireland and Greece who are in real financial peril and tell Brussels to clean up their owm house before they tell us what to do.



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